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coaching faq

Q Do you Coach single sessions for a fee?

A Unfortunately, I do not. Transformation is a journey, not a destination. The transformational process takes longer, but the potential is more rewarding because you are investing in designing an entirely new outlook on yourself and outcome with your goals.

Q I noticed you were faith-based, do you only coach women who are Christians?

A If you would prefer coaching with a non-faith context, that is perfectly doable. Although Christ is the centre of this coaching business, every aspect of the transformational coaching process can be tailored to the needs of the client, creating a comfortable atmosphere where you feel safe to grow, find healing, and achieve your goals.

Q What can I expect from the initial Empowerment Call?

A The initial Empowerment Call determines if the transformational coaching I offer is a good fit for your journey. During this call, I find it important to create a very sacred and safe place for you to speak about the most intimate information that you may wish to discuss. You will get to know me a bit more and build a connection to ensure you are feeling like this coaching relationship would be a good fit. We will further discuss the coaching packages in detail to see which one would benefit you the most.

Q What is the difference between Transformational Coaching and Life coaching?

A Great question, as there is a difference! Although they are similar, as they both involve helping people achieve their goals and set out to better their lives, Transformational Coaching deeply focuses on “who” the individual needs to become in order to achieve their goals and dreams. It’s from this place of “being” that flows your“doing”. “Being” focused over “doing”, dives deep below the surface and gets to the heart of the matter which will then generate the desired results & outcomes.


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