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Life Coaching:


Revived to Thrive will help you re-write your story

re-write your story...

  • Is your husband's sexual addiction affecting how you see yourself, the way you see others and relate to them, perhaps even how you view the world around you?
  • Do you persistently struggle with how you think, feel, respond, or even with managing your emotions?
  • Has your husband's addiction to pornography or other sexual vices devastated your relationship, your overall wellbeing, mental health, sense of safety and created even deeper feelings of isolation? 
  • Are you willing, ready, and determined to step past your shame, and take back control of your life saying good-bye to the emotional roller coaster you’ve felt strapped to for so long?

Your story does not have to end here! There is hope, there is healing, and there is life beyond betrayal!



  • Dives deep below the surface to create significant shifts, so you can move forward with clarity and a focused direction to accomplish what you once thought to be impossible.
  • Restores your Identity, confidence, and worth by examining and redefining the beliefs, images, and interpretations you have of yourself & God.
  • Illuminates the areas needing emotional healing due to betrayal trauma.
  • Safely and effectively overcome negative mindsets, including intrusive and anxious thoughts, that keep limiting you from living your best life and stepping out into the more God is calling you to.

And, much more! All things are possible for those who believe.

Revived to Thrive Transformational Coaching

Coaching process

Change actually starts at heart level, regardless of your desire to pursue a dream, achieve goals, build confidence, re-ignite your voice, rebuild your boundaries, uncover your purpose, discovering there is freedom from addiction, domestic abuse, or perhaps picking up the broken pieces after a betrayal.

Revived to Thrive uses a unique process that incorporates coaching and encountering Jesus in such a way, that a sustainable shift at the core level becomes the vehicle for change as you set out to achieve your heart's desire (insert that goal here!). Through the use of thoughtful and intentional questions and a solid foundation with biblical principles, along with other tools designed to help you overcome and breakthrough to the next level, you will gain the confidence needed so you can reclaim your life, walk fearlessly with a healed heart, and propel yourself forward to THRIVE on purpose as you launch into your future!


Coaching Packages

Transformational Coaching is a gift you give yourself as a valuable investment towards your self-care that has an eternal impact throughout every area of your life!

Revived to Thrive offers affordable & flexible payment options if needed.

Please be sure to check with your Employers Benefits Program under Health and Wellness, as some benefits packages may reimburse for Life Coaching.

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