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w.o.a.h. coaching package

wives of addicted husbands

Revived to Thrive - Help for wives to refocus after a wounded heart.

Through a unique and effective coaching approach, this 1-on-1, power-packed package creates a safe place for you become firmly grounded and refocused, move you from chaos and into clarity, reclaim your identity, take back control of your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health, gain healing for your wounded heart, and revive and rebuild your life free from the devastating effects of betrayal.

Revival can start with you! Come alive again!

  • Impact Discovery Session
  • S.M.A.R.T Goals Session
  • Twelve 60-minute targeted 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
  • Four 60 minute Deep Dive Emotional Healing Sessions
  • Group Support Targeted Coaching 
  • Regular Email Support
  • Resources and tools to support a forward focus
  • Weekly Faith in Action Steps to maximize progress

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Is your husband desperate to be free from his addiction, but can’t do it on his own? I encourage you to check out this link to Restored Ministries, Pure Freedom Journey.

Restored Ministries

rebuilding the ruins women's group Coaching

You were never created to journey through life alone, especially during the most difficult seasons. This weekly coaching group offers a safe and secure place where you can be vulnerable and authentic to yourself, gain clarity, discover healing for your wounded heart, rebuild trust through community and connection, reclaim your identity, achieve confidence, and revive your life as you rebuild what once seemed ruined.

Revived to Thrive Coaching - Rebuilding the Ruins Women's Group Coaching

Every Thursday 9am MST/ 11am EST or
7pm MST / 9pm EST

Join us today and experience healing, restoration, and revival!


  • Targeted Group Coaching
  • Regular Email Support
  • Resources and tools to support healing and a forward focus
  • Weekly Faith in Action Steps to maximize progress

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revival couples coaching

Through a Christ centred lens, this coaching package cultivates growth and healing, strengthens communication and marital unity, and fosters revival in every area of the marriage covenant as the couple becomes ONE again, moving into the freedom from the impact pornography has had on their marriage.

Revived to Thrive Coaching brings radical, lasting changes to your life.
  • Restore vulnerability & trust
  • Open lines of communication
  • Find healing for your wounded heart
  • Restore intimacy on all levels (not just sex)
  • Establish your identity, worth, and confidence individually & as ONE
  • Form Oneness goals in UNITY that spur revival momentum in your marriage
  • Learn how to put Christ back into the centre of your marriage

and much more!

Mark 10:6 Because of this, a man leaves his father and mother, and in marriage he becomes one flesh with a woman - no longer two individuals but forming a new unity.

  • Couples Discovery Session
  • UNITY Goals Session
  • Sixteen 60-minute Targeted Coaching Sessions
  • Regular Email Support
  • Coaching Prep Form after each session to help you reflect & take action
  • Resources and tools to support a forward focus
  • Weekly Faith in Action Steps to maximize progress
  • Women's Rebuilding the Ruins Group Coaching
  • Men's Pure Freedom Journey Group Coaching

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